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  • Michael S Smith 12:15 pm on August 19, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Season 21 Empire Celebrity Mock Draft 

    This is meant to be satire, so don’t take anything in this post seriously. I ran through the draft order as of 16th August 2015 and drafted those participating in the 1st round a “celebrity”. This is how it turned out.

    > 1.       District 12 Storm: Tim Riggins, RB, Dillon Panthers

    The Storm secured the 1st overall after a trade with the Gamblers. The off season has been hectic in District 12 with players and picks being brought in left, right and centre.  Tim Riggins has been described by notable critic Buddy Garrity as “the best running back prospect I have ever seen” . Much has been made of Riggins off field troubles, I think that having a coach aged 11 who has never been subject to such vices will set an example to Riggins and could see dominate the empire for years to come.

    > 2.       Poconos Thundering Herd: Johnnie Cochran, DT, LA Law

    A season to forget for the Thundering Herd, I think the Herd build on defence first and who better than the guy who got OJ off.

    > 3.       North London Gamblers: Usain Bolt, WR, Jamaica Sprinters

    Traded down with the Storm, they already have elite QB MacDonald set to have a monster season, what he needs now is speed and who better than the fastest man on earth?

    > 4.       Edinburgh Claymores: Nicola Sturgeon, DE, SNP Siege

    The most powerful team from Scotland selects the most powerful figurehead.

    > 5.       London City Patriots: Derek “Del Boy” Trotter, SF,  Peckham State Dodgers

    Coach Nevett has been known to partake in a trade or two, Del Boy is a savvy quick witted soul who has been outstanding for Peckham State Dodgers, not the purest of players however Coach Nevett is known for making players of this nature into pass rushing nightmares.

    > 6.       Birmingham Red Bulls: Johnny Manziel, QB, Rehab

    Just think of the commercial implications, Red Bull & Manziel seem like a match made in heaven

    > 7.       Curitiba Bluemoon: Brett Favre,QB,  Retirement Home

    Strong arm, has a habit of throwing into triple coverage making completions look awesome, Brett has been howling at the moon since he “retired” and this is his chance to become a legend in the empire.

    > 8.       Hessle Templars: A Whippet, WR, Richmond Hagues

    Very fast, has potential as a kick returner, a Yorkshire team needs more Yorkshire.

    > 9.       Swale Seahawks: Dr Hannibal Lecter, QB, Baltimore Insanity

    Swale doesn’t have the greatest cultural reputation or an offence with any bite, QB Lecter out of Baltimore Insanity has an IQ off the scale, has a doctorate in Medicine, speaks several languages and is known in high society of being an exceptional chef. Coach Smith sees Lecter as the player who can lead by example improving the Seahawks on the field and improving Swale culturally.

    > 10.   Sonoma County Russians: Vladimir Putin, OT, Moscow Invaders

    Good hands, has a black belt in judo, “democratically” elected president! of one of the most powerful nations on earth, Putin is a player ready to lead the Russians and shape the empire under his sphere of influence.

    > 11.   Swale Seahawks: Aaron Hernandez, TE, Mass Correctionals

    TE out of the Mass Correctional program, good hands but has anger and off field issues. Smith’s offence needs a TE and the prospect of a Lecter Hernandez duo will set the Seahawks up for the next couple of seasons.

    > 12.   Begbroke Bounty: Large Hadron Collider, OG, CERN Cleverclogs

    For those who don’t know, Begbroke is home to the Oxford University science park. Now that the LHC has proven the Higgs Boson it’s time to put it to something useful, football! The Bounty have improved year on year since the appointment of Coach Lay and the LHC will take the Bounty’s scientific approach to coaching and game planning to the next level.

    > 13.   La Paz Hunters: Jeremy Corbyn, TE, Islington North Junior College

    The left leaning political beliefs of the Hunters continues by drafting Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn.  

    > 14.   Carolina Knights: IK Enemkpali, LB, Buffalo Bills

    The man who broke Geno’s jaw, gets a pat on the back and high fives all round. I think this guy can be the vicious hitter the Knights need.

    > 15.   Piddinghoe Rogues: Kim Jong Un, MLB, Pyongyang State Liberation

    The Rogues are the model of improvement from being 1-9 several seasons. Going  5-5 last season I think Coach Smart improves his defence by selecting a man who spends more than 70% of his country’s economy on defence, Kim Jong Un.

    > 16.   Carmel Griffins: Sir Tim Berners Lee,  CB, CERN Cleverclogs

    The Griffins had a slow start to the season 20, many coaches asked where their coach had disappeared too? Sir Tim Berners Lee who created the Internet will enable the coach to set all plays from anywhere on earth.

    > 17.   Memphis Kings: Time Machine, RB, HG Wells A & M

    The once mighty Kings will now be able to bring back those players who in the past have won the Kings 3 consecutive Empire Bowls all those years ago.

    > 18.   Portland Rangers: Chuck Norris, DE, Walker Texas Rangers

    The Rangers don’t select Chuck Norris (ILB Walker Texas Rangers), he allows them to exist…..

    > 19.   London City Patriots: Tom Brady, QB, New England Pats

    The suspension only said the “New England Patriots” but Coach Nevett using his brain and needing a QB picks up 4 time SB champion Brady to play for his Patriots

    > 20.   Felixstowe Thunder: Terry Tate, ILB, Office Linebacker

    Terry will bring his “Pain Train” to the Empire.

    > 21.   Blackheath Jets: Immodium, DT, Pfizer

    The Jets had a terrible time in stopping the run(s) last season, Immodium will stop up the hole instantly.

    > 22.   Chicago Wranglers: Kanye West, QB, Roc-a-fella Records

    Some say his ego is the size of a planet but if the Wranglers can manage to sign West then he could be a legend.


    > 23.   Derby Monarchs: Stealth Technology, QB, Lockheed Martin

    The Monarchs need to bring down those 22 INTs produced in season 20. Used correctly, Stealth tech will see the opposition fail to detect and intercept the aerial offence.


    > 24.   Southern Texans: Stickum, QB/WR/KR, Muller Sports Wisconsin

    The Texans had a case of fumble-itus last season, Stickum might not be the quickest but it has never fumbled the ball.


    > 25.   Barossa Power: Box Jelly Fish, FS, Barrier Reef Sting

    This little critter will paralyse any deep zone receiver


    > 26.   Birmingham Red Bulls: Krusty the Klown, RB, Clown College

    A showbiz clown for a showbiz franchise

    > 27.   London City Patriots: Air pressure gauge, Acme Gizmos

    Drafting Brady has its risks, coach Nevett ensures deflate-gate never happens again with drafting the gauge with his final pick of the first round.

    > 28.   Barossa Power: Brad Whing, P, Pittsburgh Steelers

    Sticking with the Power’s tradition of drafting Australians in the first round. Whing was an all SEC kicker for LSU but things didn’t quite work out for him in Pitt, a return to his native Australia will help the Power on special teams and defence.

    > 29.   Swale Seahawks: Oscar Pistorius, WR, South African Penal

    Coach Smith has previously stated he believes in giving players a second chance

    > 30.   Idaho Tomahawks: Napoleon Dynamite, CB, Preston High School

    Agile slot receiver, selecting Dynamite, a native of Idaho will thrill Tomahawks fans. Dynamite isn’t quick over 40 but could be explosive over short distances.


    > 31.   Poconos Thundering Herd: Donald Trump, ILB, Filthy Rich

    Good hands, has plenty to say, has fallen in this draft after being diagnosed with a hairline fracture which later turned out to be a severe head injury. It’s likely Trump could be on the IR list, especially if he is nominated to run for president, this is a gamble for the Herd.


    > 32.   Walthamstow Lions: Grounds Keeper Willie, LB, Springfield Atoms

    A caretaker team needs the most famous caretaker.

  • Paul Nevett 5:00 pm on March 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Empire Bowl – Season 20 Betting Show 

    So here we are again folks…..season 20 is now upon us…can you feel your heart quickening……your brain going into spasm…..the sweat running down your face as you put in your first gameplan of the season.Your wondering did that big trade bring in the players you needed to put your team in with the big boys or did the draft go so well you now fancy your chances?.

    Who knows right!…..the football gods are teeing themselves up to wreak havoc on a few of us and to smile benevolently on those lucky souls who will not be struck down by the fiery god of injuries.This promises to be a very exciting season in the Empire and I’m sure there will be many twists and turns before a victor rises from the ashes.

    So here we go then good people..Will the Lions roar and retain there championship?….Will the Chaos break there hoodoo and finally find a use for that shiny new trophy cabinet they have been polishing for so long…..Will the Red Bulls sprout wings (geddit)…Will the Griffins fly……Will the Tomahawks give everyone the chop…or will the rarely seen Patriots finally rise up and win something….these are some of the questions to be answered and to all the team I wish you good luck and an injury free season (cant imagine what that’s like!).

    9/4 Incarnate Chaos

    6/1 Walthamstow Lions

    7/1 Birmingham Red Bulls

    7/1 Idaho Tomahawks

    9/1 Carmel Griffins

    11/1 London City Patriots

    16/1 Hesse Templars

    16/1 Waikato Super Sharks

    20/1 Derby Monarchs

    20/1 Sonoma County Russians

    20/1 Aurora Tigers

    22/1 La Paz Hunters

    22/1 Memphis Kings

    25/1 Bar

  • Michael S Smith 1:27 pm on March 6, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Swale Seahawks, the relocation. 

    Taken from the diary and records of Hank Immitis III, silent majority owner of the Swale Seahawks

    20:17 pm. Hank Immitis III slid back into the cool black leather empire chair, it was quarter past eight on Saturday evening, Hank was happy, Hank felt powerful, Hank felt like “the hand of history was upon him” except this time with a capital “H”. WIth his quarter smoked cuban pouring smoke into the atmosphere (regulations re: smoking in the work place environment never meant much to Immitis, in fact he was convinced that his Cigars were now the only things keeping his lungs in order) between his teeth and a glass of 18 year single malt Langavulin in his right hand, “Yes” thought Hank, life is indeed good. Overlooking across the Surrey skyline, Immitis (or Hank to his associates) contemplated the phone call to Tandridge District Council he just made…..

    22:24 pm. M25 just past junction with the A127 heading East. It was close, so close. Just another 10 miles to Clacket Lane and they’d be there. Immitis had told his team specifically the directions and instructions. One truck on the A25, one on the B2024, one on the south circular then the A2 and finally, Immitis himself on the M25 and the remaining convoy of Hilderbrands removal trucks. They just have to reach the Kent border were they’ll meet the police escort who will escort the convoy  down the infamous M26, M20 and then the A249 leading finally to the new Seahawk Headquarters. He kept hearing on the radio that Surrey Police had been alerted and where now on the chase for once the convoy had passed the border, Surrey’s finest would be powerless to stop the trucks and all hope of forcing the team back into Tandridge.

    9am. With the sun peering through the slight split in the curtains and noise of the bin collection Hank slowly woke and felt the first headache pound of the day. He’d had far too much to drink but this pain was worth it for Hank had won his arguments, gained the funding and built the stadium they said couldn’t be done. The crowds had lined Key Street to welcome the team to their new home all wearing and showing the crimson as far as the eye could see but Immitis would thank the new fans later, after the coffee, alkalselzer and first bloody mary of the day had kicked in for Immitis was well known not be a “morning” kind of guy….

    • Paul Nevett 3:02 pm on March 6, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Great article Mike and really nice to see a new Empire getting involved in all aspects of this great game and of course the best league around,


    • deanfreeman1 7:01 pm on March 10, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Very cool 🙂


  • deanfreeman1 9:49 am on February 4, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    GFL Empire S20 Draft Class 

    Words, charts, more words.  We’ve got it all here 🙂

  • deanfreeman1 6:44 pm on January 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    GFL Empire – Season 19 Rush Rankings 

    Ok, so I need to get a lot better at this media lark!  Link below will get you to an article on some Rankings I’ve done for Rushing – split between Zones and an Overall.  For O and for D.  Bit dry, but stick with it and it’s ‘kinda’ interesting…. ‘kinda’…..



    S19 Def. Ranking : Stats

  • Paul Nevett 5:09 pm on January 12, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Empire Bowl – A Humorous Preview 

     imagesCA9GV5B0Lions 5   

    So here we finally are good people.After weeks of heavy duty battles,elongated injury lists,easy schedules,tough schedules and lucky bounces (lets face it we all need them) we reach the grand finale of the Enpire season with this season Empire Bowl.

    A hugely intriguing clash between two vastly different coaches with vastly different philosophies and a game that will undoubtedly be highly entertaining for the neutral.On the one hand we have the BFC representative the 9-1 Walthamstow Lions led by the studious almost professorial Coach Freeman he of the endless study of gamefilm and mountainous piles of excel sheets up against the PFC contender Coach Hastings of the 9-1 Poconos Thundering Herd,he of the Hastings coaching dynasty and “mad professor” passing attack and the endless screens (yes the ones that finally drove Coach Badger out of his mind).

    We really do have a battle of the Wild Wild Wests (not a typo just work it out folks) and in the Lions case a chance to make recent history and to bring to end the PFC’s dominance of the Empire.You can just see the plans being concocted now cant you?….Coach Freeman in his oak panelled library in his mansion on the hill all bought with the ill gotten gains from his so called early retirement (make up your own minds on that one fellow coaches) amidst a wall of computer screens,analysts and minions all running around passing him information needed for sure fire victory.

    On the other side of the coin we have Coach Hastings (curtrently recovering from neck surgery he tells us) but more likely to have been got caught drinking,beaten up by mother-in-law and now in full body cast whilst brother Todd helps him point to the screens on G3 trying to work out what the hell is going on under the influence of industrial strength pain killers!.As these polar opposites are set to battle it out for that elusive Empire Bowl trophy,will it be going for the first time to East London and the lair of the Lions or across the Pond to be put into a trophy cabinet out on the ranch to the sound of the Thundering Herd.

    TIme well tell.




    • Dean Freeman 9:53 pm on January 12, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Geez, you do a few spreadsheets and retire early…..!! 😉 Just watched the Herd steamroller one opponent after another. Hadn’t really realised how good the D is…. I’ll vote if I can work out how to make mine better! Back to the Bat Cave Alfred….. Finished that analysis yet Robin?? We need to know which play they’re most likely to call the 7th time they’ve got a 2nd Down between 6.7 and 8.3yds to go when they’re in our half. Come on, this is basic stuff!!

      Liked by 1 person

    • tad 4:26 am on January 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Good one Paul. 🙂
      See Dean that’s your problem right there it not what 7th time on 2nd down between 6.7 & 8.3 yards. Its more like 6.65 & 8.24.
      This is going to be a good game. 3 point spread ether way?


      • deanfreeman1 4:44 pm on January 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        We need that number as the base point for our 267837H2 algorithm. We can then extrapolate from there! 😉

        So far I’ve only really looked through your PbPs. Your O and D are both scary, so right now all I see is you trampling over everyone! Tomorrow I’ll walk the dogs for a couple of hours, put my gameplan in, remind myself I’ve got a pretty good team, and then I’ll be thinking it’s anyone’s title 🙂


        • tad 3:47 am on January 14, 2015 Permalink

          Dean, You are a awesome team yourself buddy. I can not believe your QB Bush. He is just a rookie like none I have seen yet. He is amazing & I see him blowing away all QB stats in years to come. He will be the MacDonald of the Salem team but I see Bush tearing threw the Empire with his down right amazing SZ passing attack, that is almost impossible to stop. WOULD U BE UP FOR TRADING HIM TO THE HERD???? !!!!


        • deanfreeman1 8:35 am on January 15, 2015 Permalink

          Everyone has his price Tad! If you can just give me your Levels for Nungesser, Carruth, Santiago, Motti, Orion,…. actually you might as well send me your whole roster!! If you can do that this afternoon I’ll get back to you……. sometime…… 😉


        • tad 11:15 am on January 15, 2015 Permalink

          I sent it to you already, should be there on Sat. I sent it by carrier pigeon because I care about the environment 🙂 so did not want to waste paper or electricity sending it via email.


        • deanfreeman1 8:59 am on January 16, 2015 Permalink


          Good news mate, that was a turbo charged pigeon! He just arrived. Anyway, gotta run. Few changes to my game plan to make…… 😉


    • Dave 4:44 am on January 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Fabulous article Dean. This is going to be a spectacular air fest methinks. The D is the key, whoever can hold the offence will win.
      Good luck fellas.


      • Paul Nevett 1:28 pm on January 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        For the record Dave I wrote that article if you please!.


        • Tad 1:30 pm on January 13, 2015 Permalink

          But how come Dean is Batman and I get beaten up by mom in law lol.

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  • deanfreeman1 6:08 pm on December 10, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    ProBowl QB on the Trade Block…!! 

    Walthamstow Lions today announced that QB Grant Jeremy will be made available for trade at the end of Season 19.

    At A3 Jeremy has already had an illustrious career, and has several years at the top level to come. In S16 he was the top passing rookie in the Empire League. In S18 he was the 2nd highest overall passer, and in S19 he was 3rd highest overall before being replaced by QB Bush at E17. He can throw to both zones and is fully Experienced.

    He was Season 18 MVP for the Lions when they reclaimed the BFC West divisional title for the first time since S13. He also appeared in the ProBowl in S18.

    A Lions spokesman said “Grant has been a terrific servant to this franchise, and still has lots to offer at the top level. He has been a key part of the Lions turnaround over the last 3 seasons, we couldn’t have made the progress we have without him. He is better today than he has ever been, but our future is QB HW Bush. We don’t think it’s fair to keep Grant as a back-up after everything he has done for this team, so we’ve agreed to his request to look for another opportunity where that makes sense for both parties. We’re confident he will succeed wherever he goes, and wish him all the best for the future. We really do owe him a lot.”

    It is understood the Lions will consider S20 or S21 draft picks for Jeremy. Player for player swaps would also be considered, the preference being for players on Offense.

  • Paul Nevett 1:36 pm on November 27, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Betting Guide – Playoff Edition 

    As we head into the final three furlongs of the season (horseracing term for those who in the dark) i think its time i updated the beeting show for the Empire.The cream is slowly rising to to the top and it must be said that this is the most open season in the Empire that many of us can remember and it bodes well for an exciting run-in to the season and hopefully sonme playoff classics in a few weeks time.So here we go then….read and enjoy good people.

    5/2 Incarnate Chaos

    11/4 Idaho Tomahawks

    9/2 Curitiba Bluemoon

    7/1 Poconos Thundering Herd

    7/1 Walthamstow Lions

    8/1 Carmel Griffins

    10/1 District 12 Storm

    12/1 Sonoma County Russians

    12/1 Memphis Kings

    12/1 Birmingham Red Bulls

    16/1 Edinburgh Claymores

    20/1 Derby Monarchs

    25/1 Barbookmakers-at-a-race-meeting

  • deanfreeman1 7:01 pm on November 23, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Empire Play-Off Picture – Week 7 

    Empire Play-Off Picture – Week 7


    “Home & Hosed”

    District-12 Storm (7-0) are the only confirmed Divisional Champions in the Empire so far. With a remaining home game against the Sharks (3-4) and road trips to Barossa (3-4) and Michigan (0-7), it’s hard to see anything other than a 10-0 season and home field advantage through the post-season.

    “All But There”

    The Chaos and the Herd both sit at 6-1 and are 2 games clear of their Divisional rivals. You’d have to put your money on both winning their Division, but who gets to have a rest in Week 11?

    The Chaos need it most, with Antalo and Lobe both guaranteed to still be carrying some level of injury after Week 10. The Herd have no injury problems at all and have been a bit blessed in that regard this season, other than the early whack to Hardwick.  Chaos also have a tougher schedule I think, especially without Antalo and Lobe, facing 3 teams who could still make the play-offs – at Piddinghoe (3-4);  at Memphis (5-2), and hosting divisional rivals the Jets (4-3) in Week 10. The Herd visit Boise (3-4) and Michigan (0-7), and host the Power (3-4). Chaos current points difference is +177, the Herd +138. So it’s a real coin flip. If Chaos end the season at 9-1 I think it will be difficult for Poconos to turn around the 40 points difference. That game at Memphis looks the decider, and I think the Chaos D can win it for them.

    Also nearly there are the Kings on 5-2 with a 2 game cushion over 2 divisional rivals. I’m a bit confused with what’s happening in Memphis right now. Their injury list is a nightmare, but no-one is on IR. But they’ve been winning and ran the Tomahawks pretty close last week… So I don’t think they’re abandoned, but maybe someone could offer some advice on use of IR to the new coach?  Maybe someone with a vested interest…… 🙂 Their remaining games are not a shoe-in (at Begbroke (2-5), hosting Chaos (6-1) and Texans (2-5)) but with their points difference 120 better than their rivals it’s hard to see them not getting the one win they need to be Division Champions (yet) again.

    “A Wild Battle”

    That leaves 2 wildcard places to fight for. And what a battle that looks like being!! We have 2 teams (Jets and Monarchs) at 4-3, and 5 teams (Hurricanes, Rogues, Hornets, Sharks, and Power) at 3-4. We also have 4 teams at 2-5 – I haven’t looked at all the possible combinations of results, and it may be that 5-5 can get a spot, but for now I’ll rule the 2-5’s out and say none will go 3-0 in the run in. Prove me wrong!! So that leaves ‘just’ 7 teams fighting for 2 places! Wish I hadn’t started this now……

    Ok, let’s eat the Elephant:

    Jets play: Hurricanes (3-4); Texans (2-5); at Chaos (6-1)
    Monarchs play: Gamblers (0-7); Hornets (3-4); at Sharks (3-4)
    Hurricanes play: at Jets (4-3); Knights (2-5); Rogues (3-4)
    Rogues play: Chaos (6-1); at Bounty (2-5); at Hurricanes (3-4)
    Hornets play: Herd (6-1); at Monarchs (4-3); at Rangers (2-5)
    Sharks play: at Storm (7-0); at Rangers (2-5); Monarchs (4-3)
    Power play: Rangers (2-5); Storm (7-0); at Herd (6-1)

    1. I’ll rule the Power out, at 3-4 and with games against Storm and Herd to come it’s difficult to see better than a 4-6 finish.
    2. I’m going for the Monarchs to make it. Since a turnover infested Week 1 loss they’ve looked very solid and posted good performances against some of the best teams in the league. I’ll take them to go 3-0 vs. Gamblers, Hornets, and Sharks for a visit to Memphis in Week 11. (So stay awake Jake… !!)
    3. I’ve already taken Monarchs to win at Waikato and the Storm to go 10-0, so now I have to rule the Sharks out at a best of 4-6.
    4. Ditto the Hornets, with predicted losses vs. Herd and Monarchs leaving a best of 4-6.
    5. That leaves 1 from Jets, Hurricanes, and Rogues. The Hurricanes play both the Jets and the Rogues in the last 3 weeks. Jets and Rogues both have Chaos to play, and I’m chalking those into the L column even with the Chaos injuries. Now there must have been a point I was going to make…..
    6. If Jets beat the Hurricanes they take the 2nd wild card. If Hurricanes beat the Jets and the Rogues, they take it. If the Hurricanes beat the Jets, but lose to the Rogues, it’s 3 teams on 5-5. Jets have a 30 point advantage at the moment.
    7. But to be honest I suspect the more likely outcome is that one of the 2-5 teams throws a spanner in the works somewhere! Just amazing that 11 teams are within 2 wins of each other at this stage!


    “It’s One Big Free For All!”

    With no-one officially “Home & Hosed” in the BFC it’s probably 4 teams fighting for the chance of a rest in Week 11: Tomahawks (7-0); Bluemoon (6-1); Griffins (6-1); and Lions (6-1). Although the system hasn’t officially crowned the Tomahawks as BFC North Champions even with 3 losses they would still win on inter-division wins. So I guess they are “Home & Hosed” after all! The other 3 teams still face a real battle for their Division titles from the Claymores, Red Bulls, and Russians who all sit on 5-2.

    Can anyone other than these 7 take one of the 6 play-off spots? The Templars (4-3) could just about make it if things go their way.

    Fixtures for these 8 are:

    Tomahawks: at Wranglers (3-4); at Lions (6-1); Tigers (3-4)
    Griffins: Hunters (2-5); at Claymores (5-2); at Bulls (5-2)
    Bluemoon: at Seahawks (0-7); at Bulls (5-2); Claymores (5-2)
    Lions: at Jaguars (0-7); Tomahawks (7-0); Russians (5-2)
    Claymores: Gorillas (3-4); Griffins (6-1); at Bluemoon (6-1)
    Bulls: at Patriots (1-6); Bluemoon (6-1); Griffins (6-1)
    Russians: Templars (4-3); at Tigers (3-4); at Lions (6-1)
    Templars: at Russians (5-2); at Thunder (1-6); Jaguars (0-7)

    Weeks 9 & 10 are just plain crazy! 5 of the top 8 teams play both their last 2 games against other teams in the top 8. Another 2 teams play 1 game against a play-off rival, and only the Templars trying to sneak up on the rails for a wild card avoid any play-off rivals in the last two weeks. And they play the Russians in Week 8….

    And again I’m kinda regretting starting this……. It’s pretty impossible to predict – which is great!

    I will predict that the worst possible finish for the Tomahawks is 9-1. Given that’s the best outcome for the 6-1 teams, the current points differentials, and the remaining games, I think it looks like Idaho will be at home for the post-season.

    As for the rest of us… I’ll just do some random musings rather than any predictions.

    Griffins have both their ‘head-to-heads’ on the road, Bulls have them both in Sunny Brummy. The BFC South could still go either way, but the Bulls have 2 divisional defeats so need someone to help them out. The BFC South title really could leave Birmingham for the first time in Empire history.

    Coach Spikings must be looking over his shoulder at the dreaded ‘deja vu’ stalking him. Last season the Claymores sat at 6-2 before two incredibly close games against 2 top teams saw them slip to 6-4 and miss the play-offs. He needs to beat at least one of Griffins or Bluemoon to give deja a smack in the gob this time round!

    Last season 5 BFC teams finished on 6-4, and only one got a wild card. Unless the current divisional leaders dominate the 2nd place teams over the last 2 weeks even 7-3 isn’t a guarantee this season. Although it would be a surprise if 7-3 wasn’t good enough (he hopes….!). 6-4 is still possible as well though.

    Templars at Russians is the big game of Week 8. If Templars win they’ve got a real chance of 7-3 and a wild card. If they lose, pretty well forget it.  If the Russians win then a victory in Week 10 in Walthamstow could see them reclaim the Division title. If the Lions win in Week 10 they’re guaranteed to retain the BFC West even if they lose both games before that.

    Who joins Nathan down the pub in wild card week?? No idea. It’s pretty tough for anyone else to get to 9-1. Let’s keep an eye out for upsets in Week 8, and then some amazing games in Weeks 9 & 10!!

    • Paul Nevett 7:10 pm on November 23, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Very in depth and a great article Coach Freeman.

      Nice one mate.


    • Tad 7:29 pm on November 23, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Wow that was great. That probably hurt your brain. Lol thanks for putting that time in.


    • colfish 7:31 pm on November 23, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Great work Dean, thanks


    • Rod Badger 8:35 pm on November 23, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Great Job Deano…I usually do this but I dont have the time so glad that someone has taken the reigns 8)


    • waky53 8:36 am on November 24, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks Dean, that hurt my brain just reading it.


    • Christine 4:09 pm on November 26, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Could you just run through that again please Dean; I got lost after the second paragraph…..


    • deanfreeman1 7:30 pm on November 26, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Yep, I got the first 2 paragraphs as well. No idea after that…. 😉 Jump to the end – Week 10, decider, The ‘Stow, be there!! 🙂


  • Paul Nevett 6:34 pm on October 27, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    The Season So Far + Betting Guide 

    Betting 1So we have 3 weeks in the books and the dust is beginning to settle a little.Who has surprised so far?..who has plummeted?…Which team has been hit by the dreaded injury bug and as with most seasons which teams have no-one at the controls?.Firstly in the BFC we have the usual suspects with The Tomahawks looking superb on D as they always do and looking nailed on to win the BFC North and as for the BFC East the Bluemoon should go on to win the division despite the unexpected setback to the resurgent Russians.The South is beginning to look like anyones guess with the Griffins,Red Bulls and Gorillas all looking capable of taking this and the divsional games are now beginning to look huge here.And as for the “Wild Wild” West the Lions and Russians are looking to renew there fierce rivalvry from last season and head into this weeks crucial clash both 3-0 and you cant rule out the Thunder if they can get a running game going to go with there prolific passing attack.

    Over in the PFC it really is open and all to play for.The Chaos after an early blip look still to be the power in this conference and with Coach Badger rescinding his earlier resignation notice (and hooray for that) and the two headed monster that is there running attack now in full cry they could take some stopping but in the South you have to give Kudos to the Jets and the Bounty for making this division thus far more competitve than some thought.Over in the West there really is a battle brewing for what is turning into a very excting divisonal race indeed.The Herd may have surprised a few with there 3-0 start but after all the trading they did to upgarde what was a very poor DL and the never ending passing blur that is the “20/40/40” attack the Herd appear to be here to stay.The Sharks seem to have steadied the ship also aftert some early growing pains for young Coach Foster and could be a real thorn in many teams side this season and the Power appear to be now reaping the benefits of a few very high draft picks and you cant even count out the Monarchs as they are always a welll drilled team under Coach Turner.The North is beginning to look cut and dried as the Storm apeear to be running away from the rebuildng Rangers team but time will tell whether the Storm can maintain this start on what is a rather welcoming schedule for the team with the youngest coach in the league.The East looks much miore interesting than it has been for many seasons with Coach Swain now departed and a partly rebuilding Kings team now up against impresive rookie Coach Schmidt and the Hurricanes this promises to actaully be a divsion worth watching….for a change!.


    As the season marches on there will be many things to look out for…Will QB Nungesser of the Herd need arm replacement surgery before seasons end?….Will the Chaos now be able to play some D to go with the massively impressive O?….Who will win the lovefest that is the Lions/Russians rivalry?…..Can the Tigers score a TD?….Is anyone at home in Michigan and Norman?…..Will the Patriots realise they cant just play D and expect to win a few games….All these questions and many more will be answered this season and many more i’ll wager….watch this space.


    And for those who are interested and understand betting (trust me there are many who dont) and being an old bookmaker myself i couldn’t resist putting together a little ante-post list for the Empire Bowl.

    3/1 Incarnate Chaos

    9/2 Idaho Tomahawks

    5/1 Curitiba Bluemoon

    13/2 Poconos Thundering Herd

    13/2 Walthamstow Lions

    13/2 Sonoma County Russians

    8/1 Birmingham Red Bulls

    10/1 District 12 Storm

    12/1 Bar

     Full show upon request!.


    • colfish 7:31 pm on October 27, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Good write up Paul. It’s going to be the closest season in the Empire so far.


    • Bill Bushby 7:47 pm on October 27, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      I love the article and the concept Paul…and i`ll have some of that £22.5 to £5 the Tomahawks please


    • TAD 7:59 pm on October 27, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Very nice article. Love it. now i got to learn the betting system, thanks Paul one more thing i need to learn now. lol


    • Bill Bushby 8:31 pm on October 27, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      @Tad, its all about knowing “fractions”, unless you got one of those calculator thingys…oh, and a misspent youth helps…LOL


    • Rod Badger 12:34 am on October 28, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      thanks for the write up Paul….entertaining….I am trying to convince my team that we are 0-1 every week so they come out angry. I just hope my Defense can at least make a showing like they have the last week. And the third residual head is still there but gets neglected on the O 8) Not sure if I would be on myself lol…but why not


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